Picking Quartz for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is a great deal. After all, Quartz has been gaining a lot of popularity with homeowners for its low maintenance. Due to its non-porous, stain-resistant surface, you don’t have to worry about cooking a delicious meal on your new countertops. This is only one way you could save time and money with Quartz. Did you know that you could save even more money if you choose Prefab Quartz?

For starters, Prefab countertops are the same material as a slab just cheaper, which makes it a great deal. For example if you have a kitchen with countertops that are less than 100 inches by 26 inches. Prefab Quartz would be ideal for you. For a prefab you will only pay $375 on average for prefab countertop that’s 96 inches by 26 inches. In comparison, a full slab would cost approximately $1,000 or more for a full slab.

It is also a great choice when it comes to bathrooms and galleys since the countertop area is smaller and in some cases install will end up cutting 4 inches from the back and use it as Backsplash.

Another reason why Prefabs can save you time here at Giza Granite, is that they are conveniently in stock. So if you have a tight remodeling deadline and you want to complete the job as fast as possible, then Prefab Quartz can definitely be your ultimate choice. You are not going to waste time waiting for that special color to be custom ordered. After all, Prefabs are easier cut and install.

If you choose Prefab Quartz, you will still need an installer, but it will be a much faster process compared to a full slab installation, because most likely all they have to do is cut a sink hole, make an invisible seem if joining two pieces together and refine edges if needed.

Remolding your home but might be a bit overwhelming. That’s why at Giza Granite we offerPrefabs of only the most popular colors. Including our CALACATTA GOLD QUARTZ that features the elegant marble look with a soothing white surface with delicate veining. this makes it easy for the customer to pick their favorite without having to worry about choosing between 74 different colors of full slab Quartz.

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