About Us

At Giza Granite, we custom design our Quartz to perfection and we only order the highest quality Calcutta Gold Quartz to last a lifetime at your home. Located in sunny Temecula, California; We offer the highest quality quartz and granite available in the Southern California market.

With over five years of project management and home remodeling experience, both co-founders Moudy and Danny have decided to start a company that offers the highest quality stone for the best price possible. Throughout their career, they had dealt with many vendors, and they quickly learned that there are many in-efficiencies with those big players in the stone industry.

After months of research, Danny and Moudy did come up with the best formula on how to reduce cost without sacrificing quality or the integrity of the product. The formula was quite simple; make no compromise while selecting and designing stone. Work with the best world-class manufacturers and fabricators but we must sell it for a reasonable price (basically lower than the current market price, especially after the recent tariffs that took place in September 2018).

To do that, we decided we will stay away from the market trends. Meaning, we do not operate out of an expensive retail location. Trust me when I tell you, this is a big expense that is added on each slab, and you best believe that the end-consumer/homeowner pays for it. We operate from our midsize office and warehouse to save cost. Yes, you can visit to look at products, and easy access for pick up.

Additionally, we created a system to maximize efficiency for each Giza Granite employee, while maintaining a great work/life balance. Last but not least, we cut the middle man. We reach out and sell to the final consumer/homeowner directly while giving them a better price than what the local store/installer would charge them. Our prices beat current contractor prices (Which is about 25%-30% less than retail price). Also worth mentioning, that we aggressively advertise online to reach to our customers through our industrious Marketing Manager Monte.

In essence, we run a small and efficient operation to keep our overhead to the minimum and so you can save money. Having said that, whether you are just looking to buy slabs/prefabricated countertops or looking for installation, GIZA GRANITE LLC is your best friend.